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Alps Goodness Powder - Lotus (250 gm)

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Rs. 378.00

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Split ends, dandruff and premature hair whitening will be the problems of the past with Alps Goodness Lotus Powder. Extracted from the Lotus flower, Alps Goodness Powder is a natural emollient conditioner for your hair. The powder conditions the hair and keeps your hair from drying out with its therapeutic formulation leaving behind a flawless hair. When used on the skin, it makes sure to give your face immense moisturisation and helps in increasing skin elasticity.

Give your skin and hair a powdery twist with Alps Goodness Powder. Sourced from natural ingredients, it makes sure to benefit your skin & hair in the most beautiful way possible. A therapeutic formulation made to make your skin & hair feel a lot better. Powder stains, protect clothes and other surfaces. Scent so alluring, you'll want to reapply it with every chance you get. Moisturise and rejuvenate yourself with every use. The powder formulation makes it easy to apply and benefit the skin and hair directly without damaging the protective barrier. Your every skin & hair concern answered with Alps Goodness range of Powders

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