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Alps Goodness Powder - Lemon (150 gm)

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Rs. 162.00

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The Alps Goodness Lemon Powder is a rich source of Vitamin C which makes hair long and healthy. It helps strengthens hair follicles, thereby reducing hair fall. It contains a compound called Limonene which adds life to dull, frizzy hair. On application, its anti-fungal properties that fight dandruff and other scalp fungal infections. The acidic nature of Lemon makes it effective in cleansing the scalp of dead cells and other deposits. When used on the skin, it helps control sebum production and lightens dark spots for a brighter looking skin.

Give your skin and hair a powdery twist with Alps Goodness Powder. Sourced from natural ingredients, it makes sure to benefit your skin and hair in the most beautiful way possible. A therapeutic formulation made to make your skin and hair feel a lot better. Powder stains, protect clothes and other surfaces. Scent so alluring, you'll want to reapply it with every chance you get. Moisturise and rejuvenate yourself with every use. The powder formulation makes it easy to apply and benefit the skin and hair directly without damaging the protective barrier. Your every skin and hair concern answered with Alps Goodness range of Powders

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