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Alps Goodness Powder - Kachur Sugandi (50 gm)

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Alps Goodness Kachur Sugandhi Powder is ideal for fine, brittle and damaged hair types. It lends the hair strands renewed strength, volume and shine. The roots of the hair are stimulated and the greying process slows down. The powder is also helpful in treating dandruff because the scalp is being thoroughly cleansed. Kachur Sugandhi is a versatile powder in that it can be used to cleanse the body as well as create anti-ageing masks or scrubs. It possesses antibacterial, antioxidant as well as healing properties, counteracts premature ageing and frees the pores from impurities. The anti-inflammatory properties help to alleviate inflammation on the skin.

Give your skin and hair a powdery twist with Alps Goodness Powder. Sourced from natural ingredients, it makes sure to benefit your skin & hair in the most beautiful way possible. A therapeutic formulation made to make your skin & hair feel a lot better. Powder stains, protect clothes and other surfaces. Scent so alluring, you'll want to reapply it with every chance you get. Moisturise and rejuvenate yourself with every use. The powder formulation makes it easy to apply and benefit the skin directly without damaging the protective barrier of your skin and hair. Your every skin & hair concerned answered with Alps Goodness range of Powders

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