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Alps Goodness Orange Body Wash (300 ml)| Orange Shower Gel| Best Body Wash| Body Wash for Oily Skin| Alps Goodness Body Wash

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Rs. 224.00

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Get ready for some zesty refreshment with the Alps Goodness Orange Shower Gel. It carefully unclogs pores, thoroughly hydrates the skin and brightens the complexion. With a fresh, citrusy fragrance and Vitamin C-rich formula, it recharges your senses and instantly brings back your natural glow!

Orange you glad about this new Alps Goodness Shower Gel? If not, you soon will be! This amazingly refreshing formula does more than just wash away impurities. Loaded with Vitamin C rich Orange, it works wonders on your skin tone. It evens out blemishes and brightens your natural radiance wonderfully. This superfruit also contains powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals and prevent damage. Is it not amazing? Moreover, the Alps Goodness Orange Shower Gel hydrates the skin, softens it and makes it fresh like the morning dewdrops every single day!

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